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Men are dirty, filthy creatures. They sit and wank themselves umpteen times a day and cum when ever they feel like it. Well they need a woman like me to train them that not only is sex all about a womans pleasure and nothing to do with them, even their masturbation is to be dictated to by a superior female who will retrainthem to accept that ANY orgasm is a priviledge that a Mistress grants.

I love when a pathetic little grubby bdsm cam slave comes to my live femdom cams room with a ridiculous little boner and pleads for direction. It gives me the perfect oppertunity to excert and show my complete power over men by controlling their most basic animal urge and dictatin to them how and when they may wank. I even control if they can reach orgasm, and I take a huge deal of satisfaction in denying them the cum command and leaving them frustrated and sending them packing with a serious case of blue balls.

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Permission to cum – DENIED!

The look of sheer frustration on a guys face as I order him to stop wanking RIGHT on the edge of the vinegar strokes is priceless. After ive made him stroke and fondle his dick for ten minutes and then wank it slowly, just enough to send pleasure but not enough to orgasm, over and over again till that pleasure becomes unbearable torture, ill then make him wank fast. Faster and faster ill shout but I wont let him cum or stop. He must fight to control himself and when he starts crying and pleading ill tell him to slow down.Laughing at losers like you is what makes us smile, giving you orders and demanding you obey our every word as we spit in your face makes us feel good, we want to demand that you obey everything we say and do and that means wanking instructions online – Jerk off instructions is a very powerful tool at a Mistresses disposal and she can use it as she sees fit. To be in control of your wanking and orgasms makes a Mistress smile as she knows you have no way of slipping back into your old ways of wanking when you want. She may demand that you wear a chastity device she may lock it up and put you on a contract but do understand you will not be cumming anymore as your Mistress now owns every aspect of your relief.

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You are a loser and not worthy of any relief the sooner you understand this the better it means we can move on to just humiliating you at all times.

Ive had grown men sobbing like little babies after only 10 minutes of a JOI webcam show with me. Im an expert masturbatrix and I know full well the best way to control a man. They are so pathetic its unreal. Control the orgasm, control the man

JOI cams is the ultimate power rush and a whole lot of fun. For me though,not so much for them

When they begin the instructions you truly know where you stand, when they just bark those demands at you and tell you exactly what you have to do to keep them happy. You know your place as a cam slave  and you know in any live joi session that you must always remember the number one rule when dealing with a Mistress in a jerk off instruction web cam show. She will own you, brand you, claim you and make you her own little wanking puppet as and when she sees fit are you ready for this?