Barska Biometric Safe Review

I always wanted to get a gun to enhance the safety of my home. However, one thing prevented me from buying one; lack of place to keep it, somewhere that I could access it real fast when need be.

Not until a colleague told me about the Barska Biometric Gun Safe. He talked so passionately about this top rated gun safe that the next thing I did was hit the Internet to confirm what he was saying.

If I am writing this review it is because, I already bought it and now keep my gun safe from kids and unauthorized persons.

What’s So Great About This Gun Safe?

I find it an excellently safe drawer especially because of its size and the top opening features.The dual hydrolic hinges usually make it possible for me to access the top opening.

Its outer dimensions which measure 16.65″W by 12″D by 7″H and 25 pounds weight permits placement in small areas like inside a drawer. Additionally, the inner dimensions of 16.250″W by 120″D by 70″H provides an ample room to store my handgun as well as supplies within easy reach for emergency purposes.

I actually bought two of them; I usually keep one of them in my filing cabinet at the office and the other one in one of my drawers in the bedroom.

There is one thing that I do not like though; the interior of this gun safe is not padded. Additionally, at first I had problems with emergency key lock as it was sometimes difficult to access besides problems with the recognition of finger prints.

Nevertheless, I was able to solve this problem by registering my fingerprint at different angles in order to prevent possible future misreads.

At the beginning, I also found the case notification beep disturbing and could easily notify an intruder of the position. However, I learnt that there was actually a way of silencing it something I have since succeeded in doing.

Other Important Features

  • A compact safe that has a unique fingerprint pad allowing easy and secure access
  • It opens just with a touch of a finger and can store as many as 30 fingerprints
  • You can store vital documents, valuables and jewelry and so on
  • It comes with a mounting hardware as well as 2 emergency back up keys

I have recommended Barska Biometric Gun Safe to a number of my friends and would do so to anyone anyday. It is a perfect safe drawer for anyone who is looking for a place to keep their valuables, jewelry, important documents and weapons among many others and still have easy access.

The thing that makes me love it more is because I do not have to remember numeric combinations,something that I am not good at especially when under duress.What is more, the solid two points dead bolt system of locking guarantees highest level of security.

Barnett Predator Crossbow

Barnett Predator crossbow is the high quality, powerful and very accurate model of crossbow that you can use in hunting and sports archery. It stands out over its competitors in several ways primarily about its remarkable shooting speeds & ergonomic design.

Its cost is not actually very expensive as it is a little bit cheaper than the more expensive brands but, it remains to be the leading unit under this brand. Its efficient design will surely impress you whether you are new in using a crossbow or you are already an expert one.

The amazing performance and the innovative style of this product are very impressive. The design reduces the power stroke to 16 inches with 175 lbs draw weight. It can produce speeds for up to 375 ft per second and it comes along with 4 pieces of 22-inch arrows. The package includes a 4 x 32 scope and an instant detach quiver. It weighs only 8 pounds and it measures 37 inches in length and 22.38 inches in width.


Barnett Predator crossbow comes with a very impressive speed rate of 375 FPS
• It is very accurate and it is very powerful
• It creates less noise which can cause disturbance on you while you are focusing your attention to your target.
• This crossbow is very handy so you can bring it anywhere you go and use it without experiencing body strain
• It comes with a very adjustable lock designed for superb ergonomics


• Some of the parts of this crossbow are made of plastic. One of these is the flight trail. These parts are prone to easy breakage so it would be better if they were made of metal.
Overall, this product is one of the best crossbows that you can find in the market. It comes with stunning features that you will surely love.

The Barnett Predator is one of the best crossbows available on the market today.

Remington EP6025 Epilator Review

This Remington epilator is an hair removal that can give the skin a silky smooth touch lasting for weeks. The device comes with a complete epilator kit of either 12 or 42 tweezers. This mainly depends on ones needs for efficiency when removing hair.

This specific Remington is designed so as to follow the natural curving of ones body. This fosters a smooth sensation and feeling when applying it. One main advantage is the fact that it comes with a complete pouch for storage meaning one can use it anywhere.

Reviews Of the Remington EP 6025

Most Remington EP6025 epilator reviews especially in Amazon were positive. Over 70 percent of those who gave there views recommended it and said they could buy it for a second time.

Most people liked the fact that they felt little or no pain at all when using it. One respondent says he felt it was like a little pinch on the skin or a snap of a rubber band. The fact that one feels little or no pain at all was mostly highlighted as a reason to buy it for a second time.

The Remington epilator had two speeds for the fine and coarse hair. This is noted by people who have used it as most like their hair removed fast enough. The fact that some other epilators work for ages in comparison to the Remington one was also noted. The body curve clearly coincides with how the epilator moved over the skin. This also helped it work faster

The epilator has a two year warranty and that gives buyers assurances for any damages. This is a further sign for the quality of the Remington Ep6025 as it is very durable.

It comes with an adapter so one needs not to worry about any excessive power loading. The head is also washable giving users and extra hygienic advantage.


The Remington Ep6025 epilator reviews gives new buyers a reason to buy one.

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